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WhatsApp lil pony portable Torrent


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A commonly popular messaging application is used on WhatsApp mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry), but you can use the latest versions of new PC and Mac apps on your desktop! Whatever you do, simply install WhatsApp on your friends directly into the chatwith Mac or Windows PC. Despite the fact that it still works well, it’s already a remote site (review-app-page-desktop);));

You already know that you have WhatsApp-iWeba. You can use this version on an Internet browser. WhatsApp computers are the same, but you do not need to open a browser.

WhatsAppPC is similar tomobile version of the app, so if you use it every day, hanging will take a long time. This version offers everything you want (just on the big screen) and offers you the ability to communicate, send and receive photos and documents,creates and manages groups, changes their profile, and so on.

All sounds are pretty good, but there are limitations on the app. For example, it does not allow you to find or add new contacts.

Yes, although WhatsApp PC allows you to make a living much easier, it will not replaceyour device at any time.

She has everything

To run the PC application version, you must first scan the QR code through the mobile device, just want to use the WhatsApp Web as you want. If you have questions about this procedure, click here for the whole lesson.

Aftercheck the code, the WhatsApp account registered on your phone will be connected to your new computer and start chatting!

Desktop version settings are perfectly organized (which looks like WhatsApp for Android). In fact, you will not find much effort to find anything,and enjoy chatting at great speed. Website and / If you have a microphone, you can also send images / videos / sound clips.
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Another important thing related to the use of the computer version is that the internet connection faster than the mobile, sodata transfer is faster and easier.

Generally, WhatsApp works on a computer, but it depends on your phone. You can communicate directly from your computer, but your mobile device must be permanently connected. Unlimited, remember LINE and put as rivals as a telegram,each with their own independent versions of desktop computers.

I hope it was worth it?

WhatsApp requested a desktop version and finally did not expect 100%. Although the version works very well and offers the same features as the mobile version, it has none of their most importantopportunities for self-employment. We expect Facebook to buy a buyer for 2014 in 2014. http://www.limmagineinvisibile.
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