Bolshoi: La Sylphide 2018 Spanish License free movie torrent

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Bolshoi: La Sylphide 2018 Spanish License free movie torrent

Bolshoi: La Sylphide 2018

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Under the direction of Bolshoi, Bournonville expert Johan Kobborg, La Sylphide is a romantic masterpiece. The Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow was caught directly and arrived on Sunday in the cinema La Sylphide. 11. On his wedding day, the young James Scotsman constantly develops a permanent creature, Sylph, with a kiss.
According to its beauty, James is in danger of having to take all risks of love. La Sylphide is one of the oldest ballets in the world and the treasures of the DanishBallets August Bournonvilles

Bayadere Theater will be shown on the next Sunday cinema, only on January 20, the same day with the Bolshoi Ballet Moscow. Nikiya temple dancers and Solor warriors fall in love, go in love, scary and massacre Figurine and her daughter Gamzatti Nikiya and Solors have forgotten the love. La Bayadere is one of the greatest works in the history of classical ballet, love, death and the court. The painter’s history is interesting in IndiaDesign and costumes, one of the ballet scenes with Shadow Kingdom, the tragic story of Nikiya’s temple dancer, Solor’s lover and his last rescue.



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