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The head beach is an action game 1983 / strategy set during the Second World War. They play the part of the fallen squadron who tries to conquer the islands in the Pacific War. In each level of the game you are responsible for various parts of the attack from the wayOriginal naval to the final assault in the opposite position.
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Each level is basically a different game, which makes the game experience very different. The authorization of the Bachach gun operation was an important attack when it was released in the year80 and it’s easy to understand why.
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Although the pictures are incomplete (but ambitious for their day), they combine different games, from navigation to movies,To drive in one package. You must drive your ship to the armada armada to control the tank during the attack and then take a strong enemy bunker to capture the armies. Easy control – mostly you just drive and sometimes shoot- And voice is minimalistic. Classical classical sounds and 80s have no ability to stand tall, but the main game is funny and challenging. If you are interested in the history of video games, this ambitious topic is good.



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